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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Service Delivery, Global Work@Home Program

Posted: 9/12/2013
Position Code:  S902

Service Delivery, Global Work@Home Program

Lead the existing work at home operations to achieve company goals while enhancing the services that we provide and expanding the geographies in which we can provide them.    While operating the current generation of work at home services, this leader will leverage our current capabilities, create and transform the business from a workforce augmentation solution to a dynamic, on demand, global sourcing initiative.   The leader will architecht the next generation of integrated services, work with BD and Verticals leads to create diversified solutions which can be integrated broader and deeper in to the firm's overall products and services.   Specifically, this leader will create channel and vertical goals with specific revenue, profit and penetration objectives which he /she will share in order to meet the financial objectives.


1.     Leverage existing capabilities to meet and exceed intenal financial goals per agreed upon budget

2.     Meet  and exceed client/SOW defined objectives

3.     Develop  next generation WAH service delivery framework

·       Establish company go to market strategy with alignment to all sales and support functions
·       Establish capabilities requirement document
·       Establish and manage priority list for IT, HR, SD and support functions to ensure scale and performance metrics are attained

4.     Develop company position and perspective which differentiates Sutherland from all other work at home providers and solutions allowing Sutherland to increase penetration with our Global clientel and drive new business acquisition  (new logo’s)

5.     Develop and implement next generation platform services to scale on demand:

·       Large deployments of 2000K
·       Pilot programs for new clientel to promote new interest in work at home solutions
·       Migration capabilities, allowing clients to move from legacy brick and mortar without risk and over time to achieve adoption rates set forth

6.     Explore the development of  a shared services work at home solution in Europe for Nordic language support that can provide support to multiple clients that have requirements

7.     Streamline operational processes to maximize agent utilization and program profitability on all Work At Home programs.  Specific efficiency metrics include:

·       Training yields
·       Seat Costs / administrative costs
·       Program Profitability
·       Attrition
·       Client Satisfaction
·       Employee Satisfaction
·       Account Revenue Growth
·       % of Accounts in Platinum Status