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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Service Delivery, Global Head of Operations, Telco

Posted: 9/12/2013
Position Code:  S903

Service Delivery, Global Head Operations, Telco

The Global Head of Telco Operations will be responsible for the global delivery organization for all Telco lines of business. His/her mission is to manage the P&L and KPI performance for the company across all Telco accounts. He/she will lead the implementation of industry leading best practices and the Service Excellence Framework which enables the firm to deliver ‘Platinum’ standards of service.   The leader of this organization will set the pace and service standards for our client and be measured by consistently exceeding expectations and delivering predictable and repeatable and results.


1. Financials

· Exceed the Operating Plan as measured by total revenue and net income goals for each LOB, in each geography, on a quarterly basis

2. Organizational Excellence

· Engage and deploy all processes, practices and tools (Client Engagement/People/Process/ Technology) of the Service Excellence Framework.

· Operate and lead ‘Platinum’ standards of delivery allowing the Company to become a strategic partner for AT&T, excelling in retaining/renewing/growing the business

· Ensure continuous improvement is intricately embedded in service operations

· Implement service excellence processes that allow the operations to scale while retaining “Platinum’ standards of quality

· Drive 100% client reference ability as determined by client SAT Survey

· Note: ‘Platinum’ standards of service is defined as delivering services that are statistically significantly superior than those being provided to the client by any other service provider or center (external or internal to the client) while also being recognized as a value add provider

· Bring transparency to the way we measure and report key performance metrics, internally and externally

· Measure performance broad and deep. Measure trends and results to benchmarks, industry and peers to ensure leadership in all categories is evident and prominent

· Work in lockstep with the BD functional head to ensure that there is full alignment between the Client Services organization and the delivery organization

3. Employee Engagement

· Build a global team of ‘A’ Players to deliver service, innovate and promote talent development at all levels

· Drive high employee satisfaction and create a ‘Great Place to Work’ environment:

- Improve ‘actively engaged’

- Reduce negative attrition

- Increase skill and ability at every level

4. Geography Expansion

· Ensure implementation of a structured geography expansion framework in accordance with Company’s business plans:

- Assets and seat utilization conforming to operating plans

- Just-in-time build-outs without missing on business opportunities

- BLM and CLM services mix in conformance with the operating plans

- Maintain company geo-diversity targets to reduce risk and improve margin while delivering world-class results